i want my son to control his temper

I am very excited to be doing something a little different this week at Brain, Child! The wonderful Christie Tate, of Outlaw Mama fame, has joined me for a point/counterpoint on how to handle a child’s temper tantrum. She’s got a four year old and I’ve got an almost six year old and both of these kids have shown their ‘spirited’ colors from day one. Christie and I agree that we want them to embrace their emotions, but we disagree about what to do when those emotions give way to blow-your-top fits. For me, this becomes a behavioral issue and I view it as my responsibility to teach my children that their (re)actions have consequences. For Christie, supporting her children unambiguously  in their feelings - even the messy ones - is the trump card. There is so much grey area here, I admit. And one of the perennially interesting themes we both touch upon is how our own upbringing can affect our parenting choices.

Read the post here. We would love to hear your thoughts on this tricky question!

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2 responses to “i want my son to control his temper

  1. Richard Apfel

    You are a laugh a minute. I can picture Leo doing his best Lauren imitation.



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  2. That’s so cool they had you do that! Going to check it out now.

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