i have twins as my last children

This week at Brain, Child, Rebecca Hughes Parker and I are offering our ‘different perspectives’ on where twins fall in the pecking order. I have twins as my third and fourth children; Rebecca has them as her first and second. I find it very hard to separate my feelings about twins in general from my feelings about where they come in the hierarchy. Is it better to have to have two same-aged babies first or is it better to have them last? Of course there is no answer to this question: there are gains and losses each way. Read what we have to say about it here and, if you have any experience with twins or an opinion on the topic, please leave a comment!


twins as three and four definitely make for more difficult photo staging!


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2 responses to “i have twins as my last children

  1. Richard Apfel

    Interesting. Never thought about it.

    Love, Dad

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  2. D.

    Beyond being an interesting comparison on where twins fall in birth order, I love how this is an honest look at that ‘tipping point’ into feeling over our heads, whether temporary or otherwise, that most of us have experienced some way or another.

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