A list of selected publications:

I Didn’t Want Twins (The New York Times)

An Open Letter to My Toddler Regarding His Use of My iPhone (McSweeney’s Internet Tendency)

Princes Are for Fairy Tales (The New York Times)

I Opted Out (The Broad Side)

Confessions of a Name Snob (nameberry)

I Should Have Given My Children My Surname (The Guardian)

Christmas Is Why We Send Our Son to a Jewish School (Kveller)

Teaching My Son about Judaism—and Atheism (Tablet Magazine)

Independence Referendum Is a Win for Scotland’s Children (The New York Times)

I’m a Mommy Blogger and Proud of It (

The News My Kids Won’t Be Breaking to Your Kids This Season (The Washington Post)

Stay at Home Moms Need Annual Leave, Too (The Washington Post)

What Children Did to Our Marriage (Salon)

What My Twins Taught Me about Gender Stereotypes (The Washington Post)

The Quandary of a Stay-at-Home Feminist (The Wall Street Journal)

Is Culture the Reason My Kids Don’t Listen to Me? (The Washington Post)

No Comments (Vela Magazine)

Facebook “Memories” a Double-Edged Sword for Parents (The Washington Post)

I’m Not Having an Affair But I Enjoy One on TV (DAME Magazine)

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About How Much TV Your Kids Watch (The Guardian)

Keeping Score (The Washington Post)

Wine in the Baby’s Mouth (STIR Journal)

I am a contributing writer for Brain, Child Magazine, you can see all of my articles here.

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